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RoamX Consult provides telecommunication consulting services, offers training and conducts seminars on various telecom-related topics, particularly in international roaming. Training sessions are delivered in English and/or French and are adapted to suit the client’s requirements. Training can be offered on-site (at client’s premises) or via the web.

Our mission at RoamX is to help our clients gain an in-depth understanding of the solutions available to create value, increase revenue and sustain business growth.


About Us

RoamX Consult is a consulting company specialized in telecom consulting and training services.

Our team of passionate consultants have extensive hands-on experience and deep functional knowledge of the telecom business. Each consultant has over a decade working experience in various capacities in the telecom business.

Over the past years, we have assisted clients in transforming their businesses and navigating the challenges that disruptive factors created in the sector. From realigning strategy to implementation, we partner our clients in delivering solutions to the issues they face. We focus on developing pragmatic strategies to address our clients' most critical challenges.



We offer advice and provide support to our clients across areas of telecoms such as :
Network Roll Out, RF Planning & Network Optimisation, Core Network Planning, Intelligent Network Service, International Roaming Service and Managed Services.

Telecom Training

We believe knowledge sharing is key in empowering clients understand the various systems and technologies in telecom.
We believe that through training, clients can truly understand the challenges they face and
the various solutions that can be envisaged in tackling these challenges.
Our training covers LTE Roaming and VoLTE Roaming among others.
Customised trainings based on client’s request are also offered.


Workshops and seminars on various topics are organized from time to time in order to discuss the trends
in the industry and ways mobile operators can exploit new opportunities.


Cable & Wireless, Seychelles

"Trainer is very knowledgeable. Knows the technical domain in detail. Good relatable examples"
Ibrahim Sendagire, Manager, RAN & Core Network.

"Joshua delivered the content in a clear and professional manner. Coming from a non-mobile background, this training has definitely enhanced my knowledge to another level."
Terence Payet, Network Engineer.

Jersey Telecom Jersey

"Very good understanding of course content. I was able to follow the course. Good mix of content to suit mixed level of engineers experiences."
Chris O’prey, VAS Manager.

"Fluent. Easy to follow training. Trainer enthusiastic and knowledgeable."
Tim Horsfall, Support Engineer.

Orange Ivory Coast

"Good overall training. I improved on my knowledge. Exercises at the end of modules was a good idea."
Quentin Gon, QoS Test Specialist.

"Good presentation style. Training content was good and comprehensible."
Emilie Berenice Allechi, QoS Tester.

Freedom Mobile, Canada

"Joshua provided detailed info on technical aspects of LTE networks and call flows. That was very helpful to us. He provided reasons for diverse LTE implementations and best practices around the world. Thanks to Joshua for the technical detailed presentations on various VoLTE roaming call flows and the merits and demerits of LBO implementations."
Michael Adesina, Roaming Team Lead.

"Trainer is knowledgeable and he was able to respond very well to questions."
Sai Venkatesh Ramesh Gollu, Roaming Analyst.

Teleena B.V, Netherlands

"Good overall content and presentation of training. Trainer explained clearly to questions asked during training"
Hugo Eschbach, VAS Engineer.

"Level of training content was very good! The trainer presented the course well and had very good knowledge of the subject matter"
Erida Kaja, Network Support Engineer.

MTN Nigeria

“Trainer very professional in his approch; show of in-depth knowledge in areas covered.”
Osagie Kelly, Manager Carrier Relations.

“Engaging, interactive and detailed approach. Commendable”
Ayim Akeh-Osu, Roaming Manager.

MTN Ghana

“Good training which met my expectations”.
Magnus Cofie, Head Operations.

“Training absolutely met my expectations. Well organised as the resource person was very knowledgeable of topic being treated. Overall roaming and network training has been useful.”
Afua Sedinam Denutsui, Supervisory Roaming


“Trainer kept fresh until the very end despite the long day. Managed to prepare very well presented content despite the complexity.”
Mario Catchia, Senior Manager International and Wholesale.

“I am not a technical person but I could follow most of the training with ease. Very well done to the trainer.”
Josephine Tanti, Quality Assurance Manager

Post Luxembourg, Luxembourg

“The training was well structured – the commercial as well as the technical part – and we appreciated very much the focus on LTE with the outlook on VoLTE Roaming.”
Charles Olsem, Roaming Manager

Vini Polynesia, French Polynesia

“Overall the training was interesting and efficient; it will give me the first tool to start 4G / LTE services at Vini.”
Heia Teuapiko, International Roaming Coordinator

“Trainer’s knowledge of the subject matter and ability to reply to questions were good!”
Thierry Keenes, Core Network Engineer

Qcell, Gambia

“Trainer is superb and very easy to understand”
Amie Secka, Roaming Coordinator

“Trainer is excellent”
Anna Saine, Data Manager




LTE and VoLTE roaming training at Cable & Wireless, Seychelles – August 2019

RoamX Consult and Roamingwise had the pleasure of delivering a four-day roaming training at Cable & Wireless in the Seychelles. The training covered various roaming topics such as Roaming Commercials, Roaming Fraud, LTE roaming and VoLTE roaming. Roaming commercials and fraud were delivered by Milja Hofman of Roamingwise whereas LTE and VoLTE roaming were delivered by Joshua Odoteye of RoamX Consult. Cable & Wireless was already in the process of launching LTE roaming agreements with its partners. The four-day training session, therefore, allowed participants to fully understand the fundamental concepts underlying the technical and commercial aspects of setting up LTE and VoLTE roaming.

The training was, also, highly interactive and its content had many simple but effective illustrations to facilitate participants’ comprehension of subjects discussed. Participants expressed great satisfaction at the end of training session and felt they were more equipped to perform their day-to-day tasks with the knowledge gained.

LTE and VoLTE roaming training seminar, Paris – April 2019

RoamX Consult, in partnership with Roamingwise, delivered a 3-day LTE/VoLTE roaming training for Post Luxembourg in Paris. Post Luxembourg has been preparing to establish VoLTE roaming agreement with its roaming partners. It therefore considered it useful to send some participants to this training seminar in order to gain more technical knowledge in VoLTE roaming. Participants expressed satisfaction at the end of the training seminar and felt more prepared in beginning VoLTE roaming launch. Milja Hofman of Roamingwise delivered the commercial aspects of the training whilst Joshua Odoteye of RoamX Consult delivered the technical aspects.

LTE and VoLTE roaming training at Teleena B.V., Netherlands – January 2019

A 3-day LTE/VoLTE roaming training was delivered at Teleena B.V Netherlands through the collaboration of our partner, Roamingwise. Milja Hofman of Roamingwise delivered the commercial aspect on the first day while Joshua Odoteye delivered the technical aspect for the remaining two days. Teleena is an MVNE that provides managed mobile services to mobile operators and MVNOs across the globe. Participants expressed great satisfaction at the end of the overall training.


LTE/VoLTE roaming training at Jersey Telecom, Jersey – October 2018

Jersey Telecom, JT was looking forward to establishing their first VoLTE roaming agreement and needed a roaming training in order to set up. Once again in partnership with Roamingwise, we delivered a 3-day on-site LTE/VoLTE roaming training. The participants found the training very useful and felt equipped to begin VoLTE roaming launch.

LTE/VoLTE roaming training at Orange, Ivory Coast – June 2018

RoamX Consult in partnership with Roamingwise delivered a 3-day LTE/VoLTE roaming training for Orange at Abidjan,Ivory Coast. The first day was focused on the commercial aspects which were handled by Milja Hofman of Roamingwise whilst the technical aspects covering IREG testing were handled by Joshua Odoteye of RoamX Consult. Participants who attended the training found it timely and useful in their day-to-day tasks and also in their preparation towards establishing roaming agreements with other mobile operators.

LTE/VoLTE roaming training, Freedom Mobile, Canada via Webex – May 2018

A 2-day LTE/VoLTE roaming training was delivered via Webex to Freedom Mobile in Canada through the partnership of Roamingwise. Milja of Roamingwise covered the commercial aspects of LTE roaming while Joshua Odoteye covered the technical aspects. In spite of the online nature of the training, the participants found the training very instructive and the sessions were quite interactive.


LTE roaming training at MTN Nigeria – November 2017.

This 3-day LTE roaming training was delivered at MTN Nigeria through the collaboration of our partner Roamingwise. Milja of Roamingwise delivered the commercial aspect on the first day while Joshua Odoteye delivered the technical aspect for the remaining two days. The participants gave a positive feedback on the training and more importantly reckoned that the knowledge gained was very useful in their daily operations.


LTE roaming training at MTN Ghana – July 2017.

A 2-day training of technical LTE Roaming was held for MTN Ghana who is ready to begin with establishing LTE roaming agreements with its partners. This 2-day training enabled participants understand the technicalities involved in LTE Roaming and how to troubleshoot common problems associated with LTE Roaming. Participants expressed great satisfaction at the end of training and felt more confident in continuing with preparations towards setting up the network for LTE roaming.


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